"Lucio Dalla always returned to the parallel between Brazil and Naples: the song of beauty, in any form, as an inspiration for Brazilian and Neapolitan artists, whose music expressed a completely unique personality and identity, completely independent with regards to the anglophone music, dominant at the time. That's why Lucio cited as an example the historical performance of Caetano Veloso in the extremely Neapolitan 'Luna Rossa', applauded by a hundred thousand people in Naples, in 1995, at a concert at Piazza Plebiscito: 'It was a great idea and Caetano gave an unforgettable performance!'. The interpretation of Veloso testified to a synthesis between Brazilian and Neapolitan music, also in terms of culture." The pages of the biographical novel by Raffaele Lauro, "Caruso The Song - Lucio Dalla and Sorrento" present in full the musical fusion between the work of the great artist from Bologna and the classics of Neapolitan song, Brazilian music and opera, the most complete expression of which is his masterpiece: "Caruso". The book will be presented in Naples on Thursday, 21st May 2015, at 6pm, in the courtyard of Palazzo Caracciolo (122 Via Carbonara, ) by: Giovanni Gargiulo, Directional Manager of Banca Credem; Giuliana Gargiulo, journalist and writer; Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, director and manager of the Social World Film Festival; Raffaele Aiello, Managing Director of SNAV and Eugenio D’Andrea, lawyer and attorney of Lucio Dalla. The conclusion of the event will be presented by Diana De Feo, journalist and writer.

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