In front of the enthusiastic and participant crowd of the ctizens of Cingoli and tourists, who had come from Rome and from the province of Macerata, the “Concert of Ferragosto 2015”, dedicated by the Municipality of Cingoli to Lucio Dalla, confirmed the success of the popular event “Together with Lucio Dalla”, strongly supported in the old town of the charming town in Marche by Mayor Filippo Saltamartini. The event was hosted by the exceptional presenter, Gabriela Lampa, on a cool summer evening within the hortus conclusus of the renovated theatre of the municipal library. After the greetings of the city authorities, followed the presentation and projection of the document by Raffaele Lauro “Lucio Dalla and Sorrento - Places of the Soul”. A crescendo of emotions induced by intense images of Sorrento, by the speech of the Sorrentine writer and the unpublished memories of Romolo Forlai, a friend of the great artist from Bologna and a former member of The Flippers, involved the public until the exciting finale. Marco Virgili moved the audience interpreting the most beautiful songs of Dalla with his charming, scratchy and Etruscan voice (a male version of Mia Martini!): from “Piazza Grande” to “4/3/1943”; from “L’anno che verrà” to “Stella di mare”, until the masterpiece of “Caruso”. The latter, in particular, got the audience emotional to the point of accompanying the singer and the band, in a form of a standing choir. Exhilarating for the quality of the arrangements and the perfect instrumental artistry was also the musical performance of the group coordinated by Giuliano Cardella on guitar, and with the participation of Maurizio Moscatelli on wind instruments, Paolo Della Mora on bass, Michele Lelli on drums, Alberto Lucerna on keyboard instruments and Paolo Moscatelli on violin. There is a great anticipation now in the Sorrentine Peninsula, for another evening in late summer, which will also be dedicated to Lucio Dalla and is to combine fiction, film and music. It will take place on Friday, 4th September at 7.00pm, in the square of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, within the “Premio Salvatore Di Giacomo” event organised by the Pro Loco Due Golfi, with the participation of the Mayor of Massa Lubrense, Lorenzo Balducelli.

A photo gallery of the “Concert of Ferragosto 2015” in Cingoli

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