On the eve of Christmas festivities, the Sorrentine writer Raffaele Lauro visited a model nursery called “Dreamland” at the invitation of the parish priest of the Cathedral, Don Carmine Giudici. The institution open for children up to three years of age is the forefront in early child care. The 2-year-old initiative was promoted and is run by two young teachers from Sorrento: Rossella Di Leva and Tania Russo, supported by assistants. The first one graduated in Educational Sciences; and the latter is a Childcare worker. The building composed of large, high, bright rooms full of colour at the Conservatory of Santa Maria della Pieta, is divided into different areas coordinated with each other, where children spend their day: the reception area; the locker room area; the play area; the nappy change area; the area of the transition from nappies to potty; the baby feeding area; the sleeping area and the anti-trauma soft zone. The walls are decorated in a scenic way, with large multicoloured designs, almost all inspired by marine and underwater world according to the most advanced chromotherapeutic theories created by archaeologist Teresa Laudonia. The decorative centre in the play area is represented by a great tree of life, the symbol of birth and growth. The venue is always open, also on public holidays, with the exception of scheduled public holidays. “I was very impressed – said Raffaele Lauro – with the modernity and vitality of this Sorrentine nursery, every room of which inspires joy, cheerfulness and professionalism; as well as with the enthusiasm of the young promoters, Rossella and Tania, to whom I wish every success in childcare and education.”


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