On Sunday, 19th June at 11am in Sorrento, at the Terrace of Palazzo Marziale at 5 St. Francis Square, Salvatore and Paola Ravenna will present to the press the historical pamphlet “Palazzo Marziale of Sorrento” by Raffaele Lauro, published by GoldenGate Edizoni. This elegant publication (136 pages), in two versions, Italian and English, divided into three parts (The legend - The history - The art), features wonderful photographic material in colour, which presents the halls of the palace captured by photographer Adriano Gorgoni. The elegant pamphlet will be distributed free of charge exclusively for purposes of cultural and tourism promotion of Sorrento. Palazzo Marziale is located in the heart of Sorrento's historic centre, opposite the Cloister of St. Francis and Villa Comunale. This noble Sorrentine residence has been converted into a refined B&B, while maintaining its heritage in design and furnishing. The period furniture, the halls and the perfectly preserved rooms are one of the rare examples of the Catalan-Durazzo architecture still present in Campania. According to some local historians, the building was built in the last decades of the fifteenth century by Giovanni Marziale whose family belonged to Sedile Dominova. He was firstly appointed as Councillor and Secretary of King Ferdinand the Catholic, and then by Emperor Charles V regent of the Supreme Council of the Collateral. After a careful and rigorous restoration, Paola Savarese Ravenna transformed this prestigious location into a great venue for big events, taking care of every detail, from accommodation to gourmet catering. 2012 marks the opening of two gourmet restaurants: “Terrazza Marziale” and the “Il Marzialino” bistro. The event will be attended by the author, accredited journalists and guests of the Savarese-Ravenna family (E: info@palazzomarziale.com - +39 081.8074406).

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