An international evening event on the topic of beauty, of living in harmony with ourselves and in the pursuit of happiness, will be held on Saturday, 21st January 2017 at 5pm, at the Council Chamber of the Town Hall of Sorrento, with the presentation of a best-seller published by Sonzogno Editori, “Beauty Coach” by Fiorella Donati, the famous reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon of Sorrentine origin, operating between Milan, where she governs her own clinic, and London. The event has been commendably organized by the Municipal Administration and apart from the greetings of Mayor Giuseppe Cuomo and Councillor for Culture Maria Teresa De Angelis, assignment editor of “Il Mattino”, Marilicia Salvia, former president of the Province of Naples, Rosellina Russo, journalist Antonino Siniscalchi and writer Raffaele Lauro will present their reviews. The event will be concluded by the author, who will also answer questions from the audience. Fiorella Donati studied, brilliantly earning her degree in classical studies, at the Classical High Schools of “Publio Virgilio Marone” in Meta and “Orazio Flacco” in Bari. After graduating in Medicine and Surgery, she specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, in the most prestigious centres of plastic surgery in the world: from Edinburgh to London, from New York to Miami, from Dallas to Barcelona. A pupil of the great master Frederick Nicolle, she taught at the University of Milan and participates in popular science television broadcasts. “I am honoured and excited to be able to introduce in Sorrento a world-class science figure, a woman of extraordinary beauty, courage, determination, fortitude and culture, Fiorella, who with her professional successes honours our Sorrentine land - said Lauro - and to illustrate the contents of a work, which is not only an interesting aesthetic manual, but so much more: a moral lesson, a philosophy of life, an example for the younger generation. A hymn to beauty, meaning harmony of the exterior and of inner spirituality, correspondence between the inside and the outside. A plastic surgeon, according to the author, should be a guide to beauty, a coach who reveals the beauty that each one carries within and often doesn’t even know about. Fiorella Donati is not only a scientist of international caliber, but also an artist.”

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