On Wednesday, 5th Aril, a team from Rai will be filming in Sorrento for the whole day along with writer Raffaele Lauro (www.raffaelelauro.it), in preparation for a TV special on the bond of Dalla with Sorrento and the “A ragamuffin, a clown” song (www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU8t2kTNDPE), dedicated by the Sorrentine writer to the great artist from Bologna on the 5th anniversary of his passing (1st March 2012/1st March 2017). The filming will take place: in the Excelsior Vittoria Hotel, where Dalla composed “Caruso”, on the terrace of the “La Scogliera” restaurant of Angelo Leonelli, in Marina Piccola, where Dalla lounged with his friends after returning from a day on the sea in a boat, in the “Enrico Caruso” restaurant-museum of Paolo Esposito, which preserves memorabilia of the great tenor, whose human story inspired Dalla’s masterpiece, at the Cloister of St. Francis, where Dalla at a solemn session of the City Council was granted the honorary citizenship of Sorrento, at the pier of Marina Grande, where Dalla received the “Premio Enrico Caruso” award for his career and, finally, in the Hilton Sorrento Palace of Giovanni Russo, where Dalla refined “Caruso”.

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