On Monday, 15th May at 8.30 pm in Naples at the Tennis Club in Anton Dohrn Avenue (Villa Comunale), under the presidency of A. Maddalena Terracciano, the Rotary Naples Posillipo, District 2100, will host an exhibition of art, music and culture devoted to the Neapolitan poet Salvatore Di Giacomo and the singer-songwriter from Bologna, Lucio Dalla. During the evening, Maestro Giuseppe Picone, director of the San Carlo Theatre Ballet, will receive the “Premio Caravaglios 2017” award as recognition for his career. This will be followed by a conversation with Raffaele Lauro (www.raffaelelauro.it) on: “Naples and the Sorrentine Peninsula in the heart and in the poetry of Salvatore di Giacomo and Lucio Dalla.” The speech will be intertwined with the most famous songs by Di Giacomo and Dalla, starting with their masterpieces, “Era de maggio” and “Caruso”, performed by singer Francesca Maresca, accompanied on piano by Maestro Luigi Belati. On Thursday, 11th May on RAI 2, at 10.30, the special entitled “Lucio Dalla in Sorrento” will be repeated in the “TG2 Storie” series, including a long interview with Lauro.

RAI 2. “TG 2 Storie”. Lucio Dalla in Sorrento in the books by Raffaele Lauro (7th May 2017)

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